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Krish Seshadri, a 28 year old pizza delivery man for the past 8 years, was in trouble. His job wasn’t paying the bills and his moral was at an all time low with fuel costs rising and constant repairs. His wife continued to spend money and with 5 young children at home he wasn’t sure where to turn.

“I was trying to work more and i could barely sleep i was so stressed. Trying to support my family was really weighing on me. We were falling behind on house payments and debt was piling up. My wife was also very liberal with spending and that didn’t help”

There was a stroke of luck when his friend referred to him our very own website. He used his lunch break to dive in. After joining the mailing list the next events were surprising.

“Chalk full of information and special information and monthly offers, the newsletter showed me how to calculate my monthly costs. From there it was easy to see where I could save the most. I did quite a dance once i realized financial freedom was within my grasp.”

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He shared his research excitedly with his wife. While she wasn’t thrilled about his findings since it meant cutting down on spending, she knew it was in the best interest of her family. Unfortunately this mean cutting down on her love of buying new bracelets. While she adores bright colours and new styles, cutting down on this expensive habit immediately offered some financial relief.

“It wasn’t easy to convince her at first but when we sat down and looked at the numbers, it was easy thing to do for the kids.”

After going through all the articles on our site and sucking up all the knowledge we were wondering how he was feeling.

“I know what retirement feels like know with the relief of figuring how to get out of debt. It was all because of the newsletter. Everyone gets stressed. That’s normal. However, how I respond to them is the difference. For me it was simply joining your newsletter.”

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